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International Consumer Behavior (DLMBCBR01)




International Consumer Behavior


150 h

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Kurstyp: Wahlpflicht

Kursangebot : WS, SS

Course Duration : 1 Semester



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Beschreibung des Kurses:

In a global economy characterized by greater competition, companies operating internationally need comprehensive market-driven strategies to survive in the market place. The course provides students with the relevant concepts for understanding the international environment of the company with focus on the demand side/the consumer. Students learn how differences in culture, economic systems, and political environments impact consumers’ behavior in terms of decision-making in the fields of acquisition, consumption, and disposal of products, services, experiences, and ideas.

Course Objectives and Outcome:

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Outline the purchase decision-making process undertaken by the consumer.
  • Describe the internal and external influences on the consumer decision-making processes.
  • Identify the different research methods available to companies to collect relevant data regarding their consumers and their behavior
  • Develop a plan to generate required market research data regarding consumer behavior and decision-making.
  • Be able to generate, analyze, interpret and report relevant data regarding consumers.
  • Present the key concepts characterizing international consumer behavior and discuss their impact on global marketing strategies.

Teaching Methods:

A variety of learning materials are offered to students: depending on the course, these include printed and online course books, vodcasts, podcasts, online tutorials, case studies, and online knowledge tests. This range of learning materials is offered to students so they can study at a time, place, and pace that best suits their circumstances and individual learning style.

Course Content:

1 Consumer Behavior and Decision Making

1.1 Consumer Behavior and the International Marketing Concept

1.2 Consumer Decision Making in the Marketplace

2 The Consumer Decision Making Process

2.1 Pre-Purchase Stage: Problem Recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation and Selection

2.2 Purchase Stage: Outlet Selection and Purchase

2.3 Post-Purchase Stage: Customer Satisfaction

3 Internal Influences on Consumer Behavior

3.1 Motives

3.2 Perception

3.3 Attitude

4 External Influences on Consumer Behavior

4.1 Culture

4.2 Subculture

4.3 Groups

4.4 Family

5 International Consumer Behavior

5.1 Consumer Behavior and the International Marketing Concept

5.2 The Influence of Social Media on Consumer Decision Making

6 International Marketing Strategy

6.1 International Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

6.2 Consumer Behavior and Product Strategy

6.3 Consumer Behavior and Communication Strategy

6.4 Consumer Behavior and Pricing Strategy

6.5 Consumer Behavior and Distribution Strategy


• Schiffman, L. G., & Kanuk, L. L. (2014). Consumer behavior. Frenchs Forest, N.S.W.: Pearson Education Australia.
• Solomon, M. (2016). Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being (12th ed.). New York City, NY: Pearson.


• Depending on the course: Completion of online knowledge tests (approx. 15 minutes per unit, pass / not pass)
• Course evaluation


Exam, 90 min

Student Workload (in hours): 150

Self-study: 90
Self-testing: 30
Tutorials: 30