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Seminar Current Issues in Leadership & Management (DLMCILM01)




Seminar Current Issues in Leadership & Management


150 h

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Kurstyp: Pflicht

Kursangebot : WS, SS

Course Duration : 1 Semester



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Beschreibung des Kurses:

Current issues in Leadership and Management focuses on compelling issues in leadership theory and practice. It is intended to present students with some of the latest and most innovative thinking about leadership and management and to promote practical insights for leadership within a variety of settings.

The course encourages students to look beyond embedded leadership ideas and practices and to consider leadership more broadly. Students research a topic of their choice in depth and write their own research report. Students are invited to rethink their orientation to leadership and human interaction.

Course Objectives and Outcome:

  • Expanding embedded understandings of leadership and management using theoretical inputs as well as practical cases.
  • Systematically explore specific contemporary issues in leadership and management through guided literature research
  • Develop research skills encompassing problem definition, literature research, research methods and scientific writing

Teaching Methods:

The course provides introductory tutorials on research methods and scientific reading and writing. A list of current topics is regularly updated and provided to the students together with an introductory reading list for each topic. The learning material is offered in such way as to allow for self-study and time and place independent preparation of the course content. The students prepare a 7-10 pages Research Essay on a topic of their choice from the list of current topics. Throughout this process, the students are supported by a tutor.

Course Content:

Examples of research topics on current issues in leadership and management are available when starting the module. For the research essay, students can choose from these topics or can suggest their own.

1 Destructive leadership and toxic bosses

2 Managing virtual teams

3 Women and gender in leadership

4 Leveraging individual leadership potential

5 Ethical leadership

6 Teams and national culture


The following literature is an example reading list for the suggested topics. Literature and topics will be updated regularly throughout the course.

Destructive leadership and toxic bosses Destructive leadership and toxic bosses
• Kets de Vries, M.F.R. (2016). The Greed Syndrome. INSEAD Working Papers Collection. Issue 26, pp 3-31.
• Kets de Vries, M.F.R. (2014). Coaching the Toxic Leader. Harvard Business Review. Vol. 92 Issue 4 April, pp 100-109.
• Manzoni, J.F., Barsoux, J.L. (1998). The Set-Up to Fail Syndrome. Harvard Business Review Vol. 76 Issue 2 Mar/Apr, pp 101-113.

Managing virtual teams
• Maynard, M. T., & Gilson, L. L. (2014). The role of shared mental model development in understanding virtual team effectiveness. Group & Organization Management, 39(1), 3-32.
• Malhotra, A., Majchrak, A., Rosen, B. (2007) Leading Virtual Teams. Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol 21 Issue 1, pp 60-70.

Women and gender in leadership
• Sandberg, S. (2014) Lean in, Random House
• Vanderbroeck, P. (2014), Leadership Strategies for Women: Lessons from Four Queens on Leadership and Career Development, Springer.

Leveraging individual leadership potential
• Drucker, P.F., (2005). Managing Oneself, Harvard Business Review, Vol 83 Issue January, pp 100-109.
• Roberts, L. M., Spreitzer, G., Dutton, J., Quinn, R., Heaphy, E., & Barker, B. (2005). How to play to your strengths. Harvard Business Review, Vol 83 Issue 1, pp 74-80. .
• Watkins, M.D. (2012), How Managers Become Leaders, Harvard Business Review, Vol. 90 Issue 6 June, pp 64-72.

Ethical leadership
• Lee, J., & Pillai, R. (2014, January). Are Transformational Leadership and Ethical Leadership Two Sides of the Same Coin?. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2014, No. 1, p. 11365). Academy of Management.
• Moberg, D. J. (2006). Ethics blind spots in organizations: How systematic errors in person perception undermine moral agency. Organization Studies, 27(3), 413-428.

Teams and national culture
• Lane, H. W., & Maznevski, M. (2014). International Management Behavior: Global and Sustainable Leadership. John Wiley & Sons.
• Henderson, J. K. (2005). Language diversity in international management teams. International Studies of Management & Organization, 35(1), 66-82.


Course evaluation


Written assessment: Research Essay

Student Workload (in hours): 150

Self-study: 120
Self-testing: -
Tutorials: 30