Mobile App Management (DLEBMAM)

Modulbezeichnung: Mobile App Management






1 Semester



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Workload: 150 h

ECTS Punkte : 5


In-depth knowledge of service management and IT techniques, proven by a subject-specific course of study, professional training or at least one year of professional experience.



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150 h


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Dr. Marian Benner-Wickner

Bezüge zu anderen Programmen:

• None

Bezüge zu anderen Modulen im Programm:

• Software Technology
• E-Commerce I, II
• Databank Modeling & Data Systems
• Project Management Service
• Production and Quality

Qualifikations- und Lernziele des Moduls :

The challenges in developing applications for mobile devices are manifold. They are not only limited to (software) technical aspects. Successful mobile app development not only requires IT and software expertise but also professional management of all processes and tasks regarding application development. The market and customer oriented development of apps is of particular importance.

The students should be able to answer the following key questions about mobile app management:
• Which technical possibilities are available, which applications have already been developed, and which of these is not yet being used in financial services?
• How can a customer appropriate analysis be implemented?
• When is the development of an app profitable?
• What should be taken into account to integrate the new apps in existing ePlatforms and IT platforms according to current global company standards and which changes are imperative to make in the existing platforms?
• How are specific requirements for a mobile application made (checklist) and how are the authentication, data security, and recovery requirements accommodated?
• Which app creators or components providers are in the market and which special aspects should be taken into account when selecting possible providers?
• Which specific features need to be considered before launching apps?
• How can the rollout to the customer be guaranteed?
• Which particular requirements are needed for an operational conception (technology, organization, and budget)?

Lehrinhalt des Moduls:

• Fundamental Principles of Mobile App Management
• The Mobile App Management Process
• Project Management in Mobile App Development
• Methods and Procedures Relating to Technical Feasability
• Pre-Testing and Usability Checks for Mobile Applications
• Case Studies in Mobile App Management from the Insurance Sector


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See the contributing course outline(s)

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Exam, 90 min (100%)