Strategic Management (DLMBSME)

Module Title: Strategic Management

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1 Semester

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Workload: 150 h

Credit Points: 5

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Self-study: 90 h
Self-examination: 30h
Tutorials: 30 h

Course Coordinator(s) / Tutor(s):

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Module Director:

Prof. Dr. Maren Weber

References to Other Programs:

• Master General Management (GM-120)
• MBA International Business (IB-60 / IB-90)

References to Other Modules in the Program:

• Managing in a Global Economy
• Change Management

Qualification and Educational Objectives of the Module:

Based on specifically selected topics, this course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be able to face the challenges of operational and strategic management. Students will acquire the competencies to formulate long-term strategy for organizations operating in both national and international environments. This will be accomplished by familiarizing the students with strategic management tools and the strategic planning process, with a particular focus on implementation and control. Through exercises and case studies, students will take an active role in the strategic planning process and the management of organizations. Applying the concepts and methods of modern management will help students understand and solve the multifaceted problems organizations are faced with in today’s complex environment.

Course Content of the Module:

• Foundations and concepts of strategic management
• Strategic planning process
• International challenges of strategic management

Teaching Methods:

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See the contributing course outline(s)

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Prerequisites to Qualify for Assessment:


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Exam, 90 minutes (100%)