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Capstone Thesis Defense (DLMBCPAE02)




Capstone Thesis Defense


60 h

ECTS Punkte:


Kurstyp: Pflicht

Kursangebot : WS, SS

Course Duration : 1 Semester


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Beschreibung des Kurses:

The thesis defense is undertaken after handing in the capstone thesis. It will take place at the invitation of the supervisor. A second examiner will also be present alongside the supervisor. The students have to prove that they have independently produced the content in the capstone thesis by providing a detailed presentation of their project.

The thesis defense should consist of the most relevant information from the report (including methodology, research, project outcomes, and recommendations), followed by a question-and-answer round led by the supervisor.

Course Objectives and Outcome:

The main goal of the thesis defense is for students to provide evidence of their ability to transfer professional and methodological expertise to a practical case. In addition, student should demonstrate that he/she can actively take part in a thematically oriented discussion with a subject area expert. Last but not least, the thesis defense serves to provide students with the opportunity to display presentation-specific communication techniques in the context of a goal-oriented, academic interaction.

Teaching Methods:

The students will be provided with the appropriate technical materials for their presentation.

Course Content:

The capstone thesis defense consists of the most important results of the capstone project followed by the student answering questions from the examiners/experts.


• Subject specific chosen by the student




• Presentation (15 minutes)
• Oral examination (30 minutes)

The examiners of the capstone thesis defense evaluate the quality of the examination results according to the following evaluation criteria:
• Understanding and application of a scientifically sound analysis
• Structure and content of the presentation
• Successful transfer of knowledge from the MBA to the practical case selected in the capstone project
• Quality of answers to the examination questions

Student Workload (in hours): 60

Preparation: 59.25
Oral Exam: 0.75