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Capstone Thesis (DLMBCPAE01)




Capstone Thesis


540 h

ECTS Punkte:


Kurstyp: Pflicht

Kursangebot : WS, SS

Course Duration : 1 Semester


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Beschreibung des Kurses:

The students independently prepare the written capstone thesis.

The aim of the capstone thesis is to effectively apply the knowledge acquired throughout the MBA course to an academic paper that has a thematic reference to the MBA course. The thesis can consist of a business plan or a consulting report. The thesis is an independent piece of work, that, with the guidance of a supervisor, seeks to scientifically analyze and critically discuss a chosen issue, and suggest possible solutions. The topic should be chosen from the student’s area of specialization and the thesis should demonstrate their acquired competence in this area, whilst also enriching and rounding out the student’s academic knowledge. Completion of this course is designed to prepare the student for the needs of their future career path.

Course Objectives and Outcome:

In producing an academic paper, the students should demonstrate competencies acquired during their MBA studies as well as provide evidence of their acquired knowledge of a specific problem.

The capstone thesis should follow the following criteria:

  • The capstone thesis has to reflect the current academic knowledge regarding the chosen topic.
  • The capstone thesis has to make use of respective theoretical knowledge specific to the chosen practical case, and should culminate in a number of recommendations regarding practical courses of action.

Teaching Methods:

Individual support from the tutors and supervisors during the preparation of the capstone project is provided.

Course Content:

The content of the capstone project shall be decided upon by the MBA student, together with their supervisor. However, supervisors have the right to recommend specific topics for students.

The capstone thesis can take the format of a business plan or consulting report.

A business plan should include, at least, the following points (Note: this is not a compulsory structure):

  1. Summary
  2. Description of the planned product/the service offer
  3. Founding team
  4. Market analysis
  5. Marketing and sales planning
  6. Company and organization
  7. Financial planning
  8. Literature

A consulting report should include, at least, the following points (Note: this is not a compulsory structure):

  1. Summary
  2. Problem description and circumstances
  3. Advisory tasks:
    1. Goal setting and challenge
    3.2. Method
    3.3. Analysis
    3.4. Recommendation
  4. Literature


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Written capstone thesis (approx. 50 A4 pages)

Student Workload (in hours): 540

Research / academic writing: 540