International Management (DLMWINT)

Module Title: International Management

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Minimaldauer 1 Semester

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Workload: 300 h

Credit Points: 10

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English Language proficiency

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Self-study: 180 h
Self-examination: 60 h
Tutorials: 60 h

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Dr. Jürgen Matthias Seeler

References to Other Programs:

• Master Personalmanagement (120 ECTS)
• Master Marketingmanagement (120 ECTS)
• Master Wirtschaftsinformatik (120 ECTS)
• Master General Management (120 ECTS)

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Qualification and Educational Objectives of the Module:

Fremdsprache Englisch
The qualification objectives correspond to Level A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 following the criteria of the common European reference level for Languages (GERS). Expand the student’s knowledge of English as a Foreign Language based on his individual level when starting the course. Being able to communicate in a chosen subject area while using basic to advanced grammatical structure. Learning and practicing English as a Foreign Language on the basis of a GERS entry self-evaluation.

Managing in a Global Economy
This module addresses the needs of future managers operating in a global economy, who need to effectively respond to the unique challenges associated with the increasing globalization of business. The increasing internationalization of product and services markets means that even those not actually working in a large multinational company need to have the skills required for managing in a global economy.
Overall, this module aims to maximize the potential of students to work competently in a management capacity within a company operating in an international context. Specifically, students completing this module will develop a working framework of management in a global context. They will be able to recognize cultural, social, economic, historical, and political differences that affect strategic decision making and effectively respond to these differences when planning business activities. They will be able to identify and effectively manage challenges associated with operating in an international/global business environment, such as the procurement and coordination of resources and human resource management.
Students will develop specific operational skills associated with managing in a global context. They will be able to gather relevant information and conduct reliable assessments of the opportunities and risks related to business activities in different geographical market regions and specific national markets. They will be able to select and implement appropriate strategies for market development and market entry, and develop sound business plans that successfully implement specific organizational, marketing, and distribution strategies in selected regions/countries.

Course Content of the Module:

Fremdsprache Englisch
Practicing English as a Foreign Language on the chosen GERS level. Combination of listening, understanding, writing, and speaking exercises and course material. See course description for further details.

Managing in a Global Economy
• The nature of international business and multinational enterprises
• Strategic management and globalization
• International business operations management
• Organizational structures of international business
• Cultural diversity and international business

Teaching Methods:

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Exam, 90 minutes (100%)